About Us

In 1989, a young carpenter with a vision set out to construct a beautiful wooden lodge that would serve as an intimate wedding reception hall in the heart of the Zurrieq Valley. Inspired by the beauty of the surroundings Joseph Baldacchino named it simply “Garden of Eden”. This marriage between vision and natural beauty made the wedding hall famous overnight, and provided the perfect intimate setting for a variety of weddings throughout the years.

In the late 1980’s, Malta’s weddings market was prospering and so Baldacchino Group took the initiative to expand their presence in the wedding venues market. A second smaller hall Cottage Gardens, was built to cater to the growing demand.

Throughout the years, Eden Lodge and Cottage Gardens have been transformed by refurbishments and upgrades to keep them in the best condition; however, they have never lost their original, trademark wooden structure which makes them unique wedding venues in Malta to this day.

Both venues boast a spacious open-plan layout with huge glass doors and windows inviting plenty of light and space. These venues comprise the luxury of a modern wedding hall with a more traditional ambience, ideal for intimate weddings and civil ceremonies. Eden Lodge and Cottage Gardens were tailor-made with indoor and outdoor wedding functions in mind. Both provide beautiful outdoor areas to accommodate guests during those sultry summer nights.